Stella Rocca A Mare


Welcome to Stella Rocca a Mare

a celestial haven perched upon a cliffside, where time stands still and the whispers of the Caldera ignite your soul. Behold panoramic views that paint dreams upon the canvas of infinity, as our boutique hotel unveils a symphony of opulence and bespoke services.

Surrender to the enchantment, where every moment is an invitation to dance with serendipity. Embrace rare and timeless moments that whisper of magic, awakening your soul and leaving an indelible mark upon your heart. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, where dreams take flight and your spirit soars amidst the ethereal tapestry of Stella Rocca a Mare.

Gastronomy Perched on the Rock’s Embrace
Elevate your senses with a culinary voyage enriched by Cretan nuances in a dreamy ambiance, where the deep blue Aegean Sea sparkles, reflecting the sunbeams and casting its enchanting spell. Let soul-touching cocktails and spirits elevate your experience, enhancing the essence of living.

Nestled within Rocca a Mare’s embrace, 13 enchanting rooms come alive, blending seamlessly with nature’s splendour. A sanctuary of peaceful retreats awaits, adorned with emotional luxury and artful design. Down to the last detail, each room evokes a sense of harmony, abundance, and unparalleled bliss that is only surpassed by the miraculous views to the Aegean sea and the Caldera.

Heartfelt Moments

At Stella Rocca a Mare, love blossoms in the air, in the most unique wedding ceremonies or honeymoons. Couples find love in the peaceful embrace of moonlit moments, sharing promises and stolen glances that create lasting memories. Amidst the breathtaking views, romance finds its ideal setting, crafting an enduring story of passion and serendipity.

Rocca Nera

Fine dining redefined to leave a lasting impression on your palate. A truly unforgettable culinary journey unfolds against the backdrop of Santorini's natural marvel.


A respite from ordinary life. Enter a realm where high-end services intertwine with awe-inspiring views, creating an unforgettable experience of ultimate comfort. Stella Rocca a Mare, your bespoke sanctuary, tempts you to indulge your senses in the manifestation of bliss. Let every moment unfurl as a masterpiece, as your spirit rejoices in the charm of Santorini.

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